Picking Your Puppy Up & Visiting

We welcome those of you who have put a deposit down on a puppy and those of you who are very serious about the purchase of a puppy from us.  We limit visitors to these two groups of people for the sake of our mothers and puppies.  It is very stressful on them to have a long line of visitors during the first few weeks of life. 

Our facility is a strict disease control facility.  For this reason, along with liablity issues, we ask that you do not bring your other pets with you when you come to pick your puppy up or while visiting. 

A reminder to those of you picking your puppy up:  We ask that you do not bring a check as final payment.  If you'd like to use a check for final payment, please send it to us at least two weeks before you plan to pick your puppy up.  We take cash only on the day of pickup, or you may send payment via PayPal before arrival. Please don't plan on using PayPal from your electronic device when you arrive. Some have found that they cannot use their phones here, due to poor reception.

Many times we are asked what to have on hand before picking a puppy up.  Below is a checklist of needed and useful items!

  • puppy food of your choice - please visit www.dogfoodadvisor.com to help you with your selection.
  • bowls for food and water
  • NuVet Plus Supplement
  • leash and collar
  • crate
  • toys
  • puppy shampoo
  • puppy bed
  • treats