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Often times we are asked questions about our dogs and how they live.  We offer the option of shipping to those who live too far away to drive to pick up their new puppy.  These people miss out on getting to see where their new puppy came from, and sometimes will comment that they wish they could see where their puppy started out.  This page is for those of you who are considering purchasing a puppy from us, as well of those of you who have. 

Triple Cross Aussies is located in Granbury Texas, about 30 minutes southwest of Fort Worth. Our family lives out in the country on acreage with horses, dogs, and a few additional critters. Our dogs are well-loved members of our family and are well-cared for.  They are on strict medical schedules including vaccinations, regular parasite control, heartworm prevention, and flea and tick control.  Puppies are born in our house, in their own room that we call the "the puppy nursery".  This room is a quiet, temperature controled room where mothers and puppies can relax.  Puppies are born in a whelping box that has a heating pad under it.  This is a specially designed box that has a ledge all the way around it.  It prevents a puppy from being pinned between its mother and a wall.  A whelping box is the safest place for puppies to be during the first few weeks of life.  The puppies move into puppy pens after they are weened as they can then get out of the puppy box.  Here they enjoy a couple of more weeks with their littermates before going to their forever homes.  Puppies learn alot from each other and this is an important phase of their puppyhood.  When you receive an Aussie from us, it will be in excellent health.  We also play with and handle puppies everyday while they are here.  When they go home with you they will be well-socialized and familiar with children and other animals.  Remember, an Aussie's favorite place to be is wherever you are!!

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We are located near Fort Worth in Granbury, TX. We deliver free of charge to the Dallas,  Stephenville, and Waco areas. We will deliver for a fee to Austin, San Antonio, Abilene, Wichita Falls, and southern Oklahoma.

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