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We have designed this page to answer some of your questions. We welcome additional questions you may have.

How big do the toys and/or minis get?
The Toys are 13" and under, while the minis are anything over 13" up to 17". The weight of the dog can vary.
What color can my Aussie be?
There are four colors. Blue merle, red merle, black and white, and red and white are the 4 colors. Any of them can have copper and/or white markings.
What Color eyes do Aussies have?
Aussies can have blue, green, brown, or amber eyes. They can have one of each, a flecked, or a marbled eye.
When do you know what color eyes they will have?
By six weeks you can tell what color eyes they will have.
When do you take deposits on puppies?
We welcome you to place a deposit on a puppy we currently have available, as well as on upcoming litters.
Can you ship a puppy?
Yes, we offer shipping by air when the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age.
At what age do you send puppies to their new homes?
Typically at 8 weeks, but this is negotiable.
When do the puppies start eating on their own?
Usually by 4 weeks they are started on solids.
Do you recommend a male or female for a pet?
We do not believe that one is better than the other.
Do you offer a spay/neuter discount?
Yes, we do.
Can I keep a male from "marking"?
Early neutering can help prevent this. Keep in mind that some females also mark; they just usually do not lift a leg.
How much exercise does my Aussie need?
Aussies need moderate exercise like you and I. However, they are not hyper dogs.
Are Aussies easily trained?
Yes, they are very intelligent and want to please.
How are Aussies with other people and children?
They are wonderful with children. They are protective of their families and homes, but are typically friendly with people unless they feel threatened.
How can my dog be registered?
They can be registered NSDR (National Stock Dog registry), NAMASCUSA (North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of U.S.A.) or MASCA (Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America). AKC does not recognize anything except the standard size.
When are the tails and dewclaws removed?
Our vet removes them when the puppies are 3 or 4 days old.  Before this time, everything is still cartilage and the removal procedure is easy.  After this time the cartilage begins to turn to bone.
I see that the puppies have pink noses.  Will this change?
Yes.  Puppies are born with pink noses.  They begin to fill in during the first few weeks of life.  Red merles and red tris will eventually have liver colored noses and blue merles and black tris will have black colored noses.  Most merles' noses will completely fill in.  However, in the merles their noses can be up to 25% pink, without it being a fault in the show ring.

For Questions on warranty, deposits, payment, and spay/neuter contract please see our Puppy Deposit Form, Puppy Warranty & Contract , and Spay/Neuter Contract.

Puppy Deposit Form

Puppy Warranty Contract


Spay Neuter Contract




We are located near Fort Worth in Granbury, TX. We deliver free of charge to the Dallas,  Stephenville, and Waco areas. We will deliver for a fee to Austin, San Antonio, Abilene, Wichita Falls, and southern Oklahoma.

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